Kokkino Nero

Yoga Dance Theater & Activities

Amadeo Meditation Dance Theater is

  • the Power of Mind, Fitness Power, Stress-Busting Power, Stress Reduction Power and the Power that comes from Learning how to Love and Accept who you are Right Now as a Human Being. Ex. Like Physical Exercise, Stretching, Dance Step Combination, Music and Sound are Exercises for the Mind-Body Connection.
  • an exercise for mind spirit and body. Feeling Great, Feeling Human Compassion and make it in Health Condition is the Art of Living.
  • an Oasis of Tranquility. For thousands of years people all over the world from Yogis in Ancient India, to Zen Monks in Japanese monasteries, to Nuns cloistered in Medieval Europe, have Enjoyed the Power of Meditation and Health Body
  • Performance. You can Enjoy the Power of Meditation Dance Theater too as it Changes you, making you Healthier, Calmer, more Immune to Stress and Filled to the Brim with Joy and Pleasure.

Simplicity and Elegance of the Heart is Beautiful


Amadeo Meditation Dance Theater is 10min walk away from the sea surrounded by the wild forest, compared to the Black Forest of Germany, where more than 2000 natural herbs grow and offer wonderful sites to be discovered.

You can have a variety of adventure, from the sea to the mountain and the river natural spa. The Environment is full of surprise.

Things you can do

  • Cruise by the river Pinios,
  • explore the river Delta and private beaches,
  • enjoy the 60km coast line known as Olympus côte d’azur,
  • discover the forest mountain,
  • experience sea and mountain sports (canoying),
  • visit archeological sites
  • ... agricultural sites (ex. chestnut, honey, kiwis, cherries, nuts),
  • ... cultural sites (ex. local theater performance and festivals, folklore music and local dancing),
  • ... archeological sites
  • ... monasteries and
  • taste the widest variety of what is known as Mediterranean bio cuisine (fish, mountain and village tavernas).