Kokkino Nero

Thermal Spa

It is known that the use of the thermal springs and their beneficial action for the human health begins from the ancient Greece and the era of Homer. First time Herodotus (484-410 b.c.) remarked the beneficial effect of the waters on the human body and mentioned some other sources of thermal waters, giving to other researchers the trigger to start and search.

The thermal spa according to the ancient Greeks, had an important role not only in their personal life, regardless of his social position, but also in their social life, because the sources would give them divine gifts such us health, wellness, beauty and vigor.

According to testimonials of Plutarch and Pausanias, more than 100 “Asclepeion” were established around thermal spas, were “healing temples sacred to the god Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine. These healing temples were a place where patients would visit to receive either treatment or some sort of healing, whether it was spiritual or physical.

However, the hydrotherapeutic art owes her development and spread to Hippocrates (460-375 B.C ) the “father” of medicine and hydrotherapy. Because of him a new domain of medicine was developed which is the cure with the use of thermal spa.

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