Kokkino Nero

History of Kokkino Nero

In the Greek mythology, Kokkino nero’s Springs was the Immortal Springs for the Gods of Olympus.

The Kokkino Nero (Red Water) of the municipality of Agia is about a village, whose name is being taken because at the region is gushing a unique water which is colored red by the stones of the region, which are known from the ancient years for its curing capability.

The Kokkino Nero is located at the slopes of the east side of the mountain Kissavos (Ossa) and very close to it is located the picturesque municipality of Karitsa with the unique view of Aegean Sea. It is approximately 50 km far from Larisa, 150 km far from Thessaloniki and 350 km far from Athens.

The first one who mentioned the thermal waters of this region, was the Latin historical Plionios who said << If someone drops in the spring of Evimenon a gold coin it will turned into stone...>>

The Kokkino Nero’s water one of the few drinking healing water in Greece. Back then, the water was known particularly of its effectiveness in curing of some diseases. Especially during a medical congress which took place at Paris in 1905, the doctors who were there supported that the water was really useful for anemia, nervous ailments, weakness, indigestion, ailments of stomach and intestine and gynecological nature ailments.

In that era, whole caravans from inner land were directed to Kokkino Nero in order the people to do bath or to drink the water and get well from their different ailments.

Friedrich Stahlim, in his book "The Ancient Thessalia", talks about the two sources of mineral red water. He remarks that the water is pleasantly cool (12 degrees Celsius) and it is tasty. Heldreich Theodor believes that it is similar to the French water Hauterive of Vichy and he informs us that these two sources have big water volume but different flavor

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