Kokkino Nero


Near Kokkino Nero, in 1-2 km distance, one can find some small isolated and picturesque beaches. Their length is about 50-100 meters and they have sand or little stones. Some are easily accessible through road and others through paths.

  1. The beach called “Tsiligiorgos” is located between the Kokkino Nero beach and the Platia Ammos beach. It is a small and nice beach with sand, easily accessible full of Platanus trees
  2. The small beach called Kalivi is the first little gulf which one can find while going to the North after the Platia Ammos beach. It has got big stones and it is especially attractive for traditional fishing and spearfishing.
  3. After the coast Kalivi one can find the beach called Pigadi. The waters are very clean and clear.
  4. The Psarolakkas beach, which is the biggest of the small beaches with amazing environment, very clean waters and with little stones.

For some people who search for more isolated coasts and wandering in the nature of the shoreline there is the rocky and isolated beach called Panagia, with places to sit under the shadow of the Platanus trees.

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